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Roller Derby with zombies and Elvis!

Do you have roller derby in your city?  If so, are costumes involved for the announcers and the spectators?  I’ve only been to one roller derby event, and it was here in NOLA on Saturday night, so I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Wordless Tuesdays – another Simon Sign

This one made me smile.  You can see more Simon Signs at this post back in April. And I really thought it was Wednesday.  I had to change the post title.  I promise I’ll have more than one photo tomorrow … Continue reading

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“I got oranges, lemons, limes; I got pineapple . . “

Mr Okra!  He’s come to the neighborhood!  He drives around with a loudspeaker that makes his voice sound kind of Autotune-y, describing what kinds of produce he has in the truck.  I’ve heard him go past two Sundays and I … Continue reading

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Stillness Sundays: Turtle steps

Ahh – another slow Sunday.  Right now the cicadas are conducting their evening whirring, as loud as machines. My sweetheart ran into our resident box turtle again today. We picked her up gently to have a peek and she closed … Continue reading

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Story Saturdays: Moon song

When I was very little, my mother taught me a song about the moon. I see the moon and the moon sees me, Under the shade of the old apple tree. Please let the light that shines on me Shine … Continue reading

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Fantabulous Fridays: NOLA love

This afternoon, I rode my bicycle to meet friends for Happy Hour at Parasol’s.  Parasol’s is a New Orleans institution (although there’s been a recent ownership change so some Parasol’s customers have moved to Tracey’s on Magazine, but there seems … Continue reading

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Salad stands in . . .

. . . for photos I don’t have of what I’ve been doing.  Like locking the cat who refuses to poop in the litter box (she goes outside) in the bathroom so I could get a stool sample . . … Continue reading

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